Recal Celik from Turkey is the new IMC Muaythai

Light Heavyweight World Champion (79 kg)

Recal Celik won the title in the 5th round by TKO, during the Savate International Meet 

(Greece, Armenia, France, Bulgaria) event in Athens/ Greece on 5th Mai 2007 .

Both boxers fought greatly and strongly. 2000 spectators watched this truly extraordinary fight throughout all 5 rounds.

Unfortunately, less than one minute before the end of 5th round in this balanced fight, the Greek fighter

Thodoris Bobolakis was forced to give up due to serious injury that led him to the hospital; he collapsed and lost

consciousness without receiving a prior blow. Thankfully, the medical report from that same night was that

his condition is none too serious and he is expected to make a full recovery, being released from

hospital probably within days.

We wish him well soon and hope to once again see him in the fighting ring soon.

Referee Vangelis Xanthakis had to retire from the ring due to some knee-injury right from the 1st round. Then,

referee Marinos Katis took over, leading the fight to the premature end of the 5th round.

Recal Celik is determined to defend his title in September against any opponent whatsoever.